South Africa – Table Mountain Day One

Finally made it to Cape Town!! I have been to South Africa numerous times, but traveling to Cape Town just never seemed to work out because of all the other things we wanted to do. My family friends and family went when they came over for our wedding in 2018 and I was jealous over all of the beautiful photos they took and views they saw. We left on Monday April 17th in the evening and stayed with Lyall’s cousin Michael who was a fantastic host! Our first full day on the 18th, we went to Table Mountain to explore the scenic views that Cape Town is known for. Also – an official new 7 wonder of nature! This was the area you waited in to get on the gondola to take you up to the Mountain.

The gondola had the 360 rotation so you were able to see every view as you went up. Hopefully you aren’t afraid of heights because this was quite the trust of cables.

Once up on the Mountain there was plenty to explore. There were areas that Calihan was climbing and plenty of photo ops! Everywhere you looked at a breathtaking view so it was hard to not take a thousand photos. There is a fee to go up to Table Mountain and that is paid for at the bottom at a kiosk area.

Below is the entrance and exit area that had a gift shop as well incase you wanted to pick up any souvenirs on your way out.

There were also places to grab a bite to eat with more of a quick service style. I enjoyed that because it makes it easy to be on your own schedule and not feel rushed if you are hungry or needed something to drink. They also served alcohol! I saw quite a few people with champagne.

We opted in for Chicken and Mushroom and Steak pies. Cal had a donut and chips because he was on vacation so his eating habits were out the window! We didn’t really struggle with finding him things to eat, it was just that he only wanted bacon, rusks, chips and that was pretty much it the entire trip.

Once we were done (we could have stayed up there until sundown it was so pretty) we ended up going back down from the mountain and drove to the water to eat at a cute restaurant since the weather was so nice. We were incredibly lucky from what we have heard as sometimes the clouds are too low, or the weather is iffy. We had beautiful weather!

There were so many fishing boats docked and we also saw our fair share of seals!

Can we just take a moment for this food?! Highly recommend exploring the area along the coast to see the shops and restaurants. There was a variety! This was a Belgian restaurant called Den Anker that we stopped at. Not pictured is another milkshake 🙂

We went back to the house and relaxed after lunch and picked up prawns to have for dinner. We were tired so we rested a bit, but then ended up going to the beach less than 5 minutes away and THIS was the view. We tried taking full advantage of the weather and Calihan was running with Lyall all over this beach. The water was freezing so I was surprised how many times they went in and out!

That was a wrap on day one! We were outside almost all day so the fresh air made us sleep nicely. Is it too late to convince Lyall to move there?


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