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This mama loves + needs her coffee! I have spoken about our Nespresso machine numerous times now – because it is THAT good. As I said before, I am always craving that European coffee that I sipped in Italy and Austria. I went over the how-to’s and our favorite flavors from before and now that we have had our machine for over a year, I am sharing our normal every month order!

We order about once a month depending on how many cups we have each day. Normally we purchase about 5 sleeves of 10. This gives us each about 25 cups a month. Over $50 gives you free shipping so it also works out this way. Each sleeve says how much each individual coffee pod costs you overall which always makes me feel better since my Starbucks drink is roughly $6 🙂

These four are in our standard order and do not normally change

Perfect for those that like flavor!
This one tastes EXACTLY like the coffee I had in Italy.
For my Hazelnut fans 🙂 This one has just enough Hazelnut flavor but is not overwhelming.
Still one of Lyall’s favorites, this is a great coffee for those that like something similar to black coffee.

We always change up the 5th one to try a new flavor until we decide which one we like best!

New flavor we added this time!

That is our typical order! We have tried the seasonal flavors and they were pretty good, but these flavors never let us down. If you’d like to know more about the Nespresso machine including recycling then check out my other post here 🙂


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