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I fully believe Italy has made me a coffee snob, but at least my Nespresso machine makes me feel like I’m back! I was trying to decide on the many options to purchase and came across our version during Christmas time. There are many options and doing research on which version would best fit your needs is a must. I wanted simplicity where any guest at our place could use it quite easily. Ours also has a frother and came with a cute sample pack with the bundle. This made it easier to find our favorite flavors by sampling them all.

Our Nespresso Vertuo Next espresso maker is extremely easy to use.

1. Make sure the water is filled in the back

2. Open top and place the capsule of your choice in

3. Close the top shut and lock

4. Push the top button and voila!

The frother is just as easy with a measurement line on the inside so you know how far to pour your choice of milk (almond, whole, etc) in and press the button! The light will turn red indicating that it is working. The trick for iced coffee is to hold down the button and it will turn blue, indicating that the froth will be cold instead of hot.
(blue for cold, red for hot)

Currently on sale and is the exact one of ours in a different color!

The only tricky thing is to ensure you are purchasing the correct pods for the machine and the amount of coffee you want. There are vertuo pods (the newer ones that go with this machine) and original which are much smaller. The amount will be labeled by each kind and a normal coffee is a 7.77 oz pod. An Espresso is 1.35 oz and a double shot is 2.7 oz. This is the beauty of the machine is you can have a full cup or a shot of espresso!


We also try to do what we can when it comes to recycling, so we love that you can recycle the pods! As you open the lid, the old pod will fall into a side compartment to make room for a new one. Once the side is full, you can remove it from the machine and dump the pods into a recycling bag that once is full can be dropped off at any UPS location!! If you have a Nespresso machine already and did not know this, you can sign up at Sustainability | Protecting the Environment | Nespresso USA and view more information! I am big into supporting small businesses, but if it is a big business I am supporting I want to make sure they are doing their part and Nespresso has a mission statement on sustainability and helping small and independent farmers!


We each tend to have our favorites, and each sleeve of 10 varies in price. Majority of the sleeves are $11.00 which seems like quite a bit until you factor in that is 10 coffees and would be barely 2 at Starbucks! The amount of money we have saved is unreal.


A few of Lyall’s current favorite pods are as followed:

Stormio! Medium Roast – Rich and Strong
Costa Rica! Medium Roast – Malty Sweet Cereal

He also likes Intenso which is a Dark Roast! I have noticed he goes more for the Medium-Dark roast options that do not have flavors such as caramel, etc. in them.

My current favorites are:

Ethiopia! Light Roast – Fruity and Floral
Hazelino Muffin! Medium Roast – Hazelnut flavored
Tropical Coconut Flavor over ice!

I also really enjoy any of the flavored ones such as Vanilla Custard Pie and Caramel Cookie! I try to purchase a new flavor each time we do our order along with one I can’t go without. The Tropical Coconut is perfect for summer right now for my iced coffees!

Tropical Coconut – Iced Coffee

I typically will make iced coffee in the summer with cold foam, but if I make my coffee hot I will normally add cinnamon on top of the frothed milk especially as the colder months come. Speaking of colder months – I was told at the store that Pumpkin Spice will be available September 8th! This should also help the amount spent at Starbucks on that loved Pumpkin Spice Latte!


Nespresso pods can be ordered via the Nespresso website or even in store if you have one near you! I enjoy going into the store if I am in the area, but there’s free shipping over $35 + free samples online!

If you ever have any questions – leave a comment below or send a message on Instagram and I’d be happy to help!


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