August Challenge


A new month has arrived! Lyall and I have decided to join in on this Tik Tok, IG Reels, etc. trend and do the August challenge!

We are adjusting parts of the challenge that would help us better, for instance we said we have to be up by 6:30 am every morning instead of the 8:00 am. This is because we have a small child that wakes up about 7:30 am and so it gives us some time to get a good workout in the morning.

I am posting our challenge below to not only have everyone who reads my blog and IG hold us accountable, but also give you a chance to join!

1. Only drink water
(+ one cup of coffee a day for us – I’m rough without coffee and I would like my marriage to last).
This means no alcohol though! Lyall does not really drink anyways, but we all have seen my drinks posted. I love a nice glass of wine especially when I am watching Bachelorette! Water with some raspberries in a wine glass it is! Lyall will struggle the most with his cold Coke that he drinks with his dinners.

2. Wake up before 6:30 am.
This gives us time for work, a workout, etc. Calihan will normally wake about 7-7:30 am at the moment. I have been getting up about 6:00 am and Lyall has gone for a run about 5:30 am.

3. 4-6 days of a workout activity each week.
We can run, do yoga, go the the gym, etc. Closing rings on an apple watch always feels good!

4. In bed by 10:00 pm.
I am a night owl and Lyall normally goes to bed around 9:30 pm anyways. This was an adjustment for me, but I started last Friday to get myself ready. I ended up falling asleep by 9:30 pm last night (miracle).

5. No fast food.
Fast food isn’t a huge thing, but goodbye for now Raising Canes!

6. Two hours of undistracted work.
We tend to get distracted quite easily with a toddler running around, and our phones. This means two hours of solely doing work. Lyall is currently about to head into his final semester getting his Master’s at TCU, and his thesis is almost finished. He puts in a lot of work, but it is broken up throughout the day. Calihan sleeps for about 2.5 hours so we try to do this during his nap. I use this time for resume building, blogging, LTK posts, etc.

That is it!

What do you think will be the hardest one? Have a wonderful week!


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