Upgrading Mom’s Craft Room

After we surprised our mom at 5am so she could see it before she went into work on her birthday!

Shopping for my mom’s birthday can be hard when you want to give her the world, but you’re unsure what she would actually use. My sister and I were going over ideas when we thought of her craft room. My mom enjoyingly spends hours in this room on her Cricut machine making items for us kids just for fun. We originally thought it would be fun to get her paper or a few items that she would use – but the moment I walked into her craft room (sorry mom) I realized she didn’t have any space nor a decent chair in this room!

I could not believe what she was working with. I also could believe it knowing she would rather get things for others. She took two end tables from the old living room set and propped the tv on it, and then was using a fold out lawn chair. As I’m sure she was quite fine in what she had – we decided to spruce up her space! We knew it was her turn!

Below are the photos that came from a before video I took.

These photos don’t even do it justice! Our mom takes care of everyone including friends that call her “mama Nanc” so this was the most well deserved task my sister and I ever had!


We started off with a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up some peg board. We measured the wall before going so we had somewhat of an idea on sizing. The board originally was quite large so we had it cut into three sections with only two being used as of now in her room. We saved the third in basement storage incase she ever gets more items.

**All links to items are affiliate links. This is to no expense of you, but I do earn a small commission on any items purchased.

There are so many attachments you can add to the pegboard so this part can be so fun!


These are pretty basic, but we didn’t want to overwhelm the area and we were on a pretty limited budget. There are many items you can get such as peg board hooks, acrylic shelves, trays, cups, etc. The point is to have the items up on the wall organized instead of all over the place. This saves a lot of space throughout the room. Amazon has quite a few items and if you have Prime that’s a plus!


Her chair was also upgraded so she can be comfy while she is using her Cricut machine! We know she goes from working to crafting so having a comfy chair was important. We kept the same table because it was big enough for all of her supplies and we can always upgrade that later on. The canvas photos on the wall were made by her with one missing that she was currently working on so we spaced them out knowing she would add another. The best part I thought was the mini fridge Abbey found that we filled with her Lime-A-Ritas so she could enjoy a drink while she crafted. The plastic bag under the table we also left because she stuffs her plastic bags under there and uses them for her scraps.

Cricut normally has a sale on most items also, but we got her the Cricut for Christmas!


The six cube organizer is from Target and we put three cubes she already had in it. This was used for storage for her unfinished projects. Each section was organized by category such as clothing, wood projects, small projects, etc.

We knew we had to pull an all nighter and keep her out of the room without being suspicious. We went to Home Depot, Staples, and Target while she was at work the day before her birthday. Then once we got home, we built everything we could and stored it in the basement storage area. We distracted her from going downstairs that night anyways, but we wanted a just in case back up plan. She wakes up early for work so she goes to bed early, which helped us have some time to put everything together!

Clearing everything was the hardest part honestly. Once the room was cleared, we hung up the peg boards and put the cube organizer in so we could put the TV back in. Next we just had to organize and decorate! This is always the fun part! We were up most of the night because it is time consuming, but worth every second.


Abbey and I took the finished projects and put them in this bookshelf – some of which we have since claimed because they are so cute! All of these are done with her Cricut!

She has became so creative with her projects! We were so happy to do this for her as a birthday present and just to show her how much we love her! She continuously does so much for us, and I know when I have an organized space I feel so much better. Shout out to the two cups I use all the time done by her! If you’re ever thinking about purchasing a Cricut or making a craft room – 100% worth it.


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