Unique Ideas for an Outdoor Bachelorette Bash


Wedding season is by far my favorite time of the year! I enjoy celebrating others and when you add celebrating love on top of that – it’s the best! I have always been interested in Event Planning just for fun and bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc. get my creativity going! One of my best friends recently was married in May and since the pandemic was slightly still a thing- we wanted to celebrate her while still being safe.

Bachelorette Backyard Bash it is!


One of my other best friends (also bridesmaid) and I planned out the entire bash even while she was close to giving birth to little miss Madeline! Most items were from Party City, Amazon, and Target! We grabbed these big white balloons and put them all around the yard to make it simple but festive! The truck ride was quite interesting, but we somehow were able to fit them all!

Idea #1: Starburst Shot Glasses


My sister and I had so much fun making these! I purchased shot glass molds from Amazon that were under $9 and can be used with chocolate, starbursts, jolly ranchers, and more. We used the starburst because of the colorssuper fun and girly!

Press the starburst into the mold – we realized the minis do not work as well as the big ones so unwrapping is the hardest part!
Put the mold into the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. The trick is to make sure everything is melted before putting them into the fridge!
Let them cool in the fridge until they are fully molded! The time can vary but they were done within 30 minutes for us.
Take them out of the mold and use! If you’re making these the night before – then place on a plate and put them back in the fridge!
Use the bride / birthday girl’s favorite liquor to cheers!


Idea #2: Wine Tasting


This was so fun! We put in our group before the bachelorette to surprise Meg with their favorite wine! We split our friend group up into red, white, and rosé so there was a mix of each! We then took an ice bucket, filled it with ice and fresh flowers to make it pretty. We made it a game to see who we thought brought the wine and I made wine tasting sheets on Canva that we filled out as we tasted each one.


Just to make sure we weren’t drinking out of someone else glass accidently – the cricut came in handy to put everyone’s names on the wine glasses for the tasting. This was a nice personalized touch as well!


This is the wine tasting downloadable form that you can use!


Idea #3: Charcuterie table


Instead of a big time meal – we had a table full of quick bites. We had lots of meats and cheese along with a cream tart cake that I made since they can be so expensive!
peek the baby bump from Laur!

The table runner is from Amazon and the same kind I was going to use for my wedding! We added fairy lights underneath which helped later in the night to keep it semi lit. The champagne was the perfect color to keep the theme going as well.


Idea #4: How well does the bride know the groom game

The point of a bachelorette is to make the bride feel special the entire time! While wine tasting and charcuterie is fun, we wanted to have a specific game that would make Meg the center of attention! I asked Joe (her husband) 20 questions – some easy and some hard. I then asked Meg those same questions and if she got it right we would drink. If she answered wrong – she had to drink! We did this for my bachelorette in South Africa and it was so fun! They have been together for over a decade so it was tricky finding questions she might not know – but either way we all had a blast!

We used the drinks from the drink station – which one option was a sangria with fresh fruit that could be added (delicious!)

The N for Nagelkirk is just a wooden N from a craft store and fake flowers (dollar store!!) hot glued on. This makes for a fun décor item after the wedding as well!

These ideas can be used for before a night out with the girls or a backyard bash! If the pandemic wasn’t a thing I’m sure we would have taken her to a nice restaurant and out for dancing after, but this was still a blast! I will be using the shot glass molds for almost any occasion now that involves drinking because they are so different and fun!

Have fun celebrating!!


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