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The best way for you to get to know our fam or myself personally is to answer any questions you might have! Each week I’ll gather the most popular questions from DMs or from the question box on IG stories and answer them!

Sunday, February 7th

,1. What is the hair dryer you use?


I use the Revlon one-step hair dryer! I’m completely obsessed with how my hair looks and feels when using this! My hair also seems to last longer between washes! The settings are pretty easy and I just split my hair into three sections since my hair is long and thick.

linked here for anyone interested!

,,,2. Do you recommend certain cheese for a charcuterie board?


I normally make sure I have a variety of cheese, but the most important thing for me is to have different textures / softness. I like having a hard cheese to cut into slices, soft to use as spreads, and one that has more of a crumble to it like blue cheese. There’s really no right or wrong way for a board! Mine are always different and since it’s normally for my family that will demolish it within minutes, I do not go overboard on looks!

,,,3. Where do you see yourselves ending up long term?


We are up in the air! We like different sceneries, but we want to settle for Calihan. We are waiting for Lyall to finish graduate school at TCU before we make any big decisions on staying or moving.

Lyall is not a fan of the cold though, and we have become very fond of the area we currently live in!

,4. What is your favorite family recipe?


I have so many favorites – but only a few I am able to share! We have family recipes that my mom politely asked me to keep in the family so unfortunately I can’t share those online, but I love my grandma’s breakfast soufflé. I wish I had a photo of it! The recipe page is the original – so not in the best shape. This soufflé brings back so many memories since we had this at my grandparents every Christmas growing up.

,5. Where do you get Calihan’s clothes?


Majority of his clothes are from H&M, Zara Kids, and Old Navy! These are all a hit or miss sometimes – but I love their basics! There are occasional small shop businesses as well where we find cute items – but majority are from these places! His pants and shirts are 2T at the moment and the clothes are affordable! I have linked our favorites here.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have questions for next week – ask away! 


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