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The best way for you to get to know our fam or myself personally is to answer any questions you might have! Each week I’ll gather the most popular questions from DMs or from the question box on IG stories and answer them!

Sunday, January 31st

,1. Would you like more children?


Today when I posted on stories how I have recently started craving peanut butter, I was asked so many times if I’m pregnant haha. The answer is definitely not, but the answer to this question is yes! I would love to have another child – or two (right lyall ) We have discussed what we want before that happens which includes knowing where we will be living so we can purchase a home! We also want to make sure Lyall finishes grad school before bringing another little one in the mixture! There are many factors that have to work out – but hopefully next year sometime we can discuss it further! Cal would be a great big brother!

,2. How did you and your spouse meet?


Lyall and I met at Disney! We both worked at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I would say it was love at first sight, but we were just friends first! We loved each other’s company and I think honestly we grew on each other if that makes sense. We met in April of 2013 on the bus that the workers take, and we didn’t date until around January 2014!

,3. What is the first country on the list when the pandemic is over?


South Africa!! Of course I want to travel to other countries more than anything to hit 30 before 30, but I miss family and friends there. I also miss the food and wine. Honestly, I miss it all. I would do anything to be there right now. Calihan has not met most of the family – so we are very set on going the moment we can.
Next after that is New Zealand for me. I’m not sure what Lyall would like to do next, but I know we want to stay traveling as a family.

4. Will you do try-ons at some point?


This question has been asked a lot also – and the answer is yes! I can do try-ons especially to help those who have a bigger chest (if you’re a guy reading this – you can skip this part as it’s for the girls! ) I’m a 34D, but petite and 5’2. I am hoping to start this in February sometime after I finally find a mirror I love! The bathroom just doesn’t do everything justice. Hopefully I can help those that are looking for outfits with any occasion. I think it’s hard when dinner dates aren’t a huge thing, and weddings are not really happening either. I am wishing for this pandemic to end so we can all have some fun!

,5. Do you use your Keurig or Nespresso more?


We love our Nespresso but we do have both! Personally, we use the Nespresso more but the Keurig is nice for a back up or for guests that aren’t into Espresso (Both of our moms).

I’ve shown our Nespresso machine quite a bit because I’m that obsessed. The pros to the Keurig though are that you can find k-cups anywhere! The Nespresso pods are harder to find and do not have a big selection. Our target only carries 4 Starbucks plain flavors so we have to order off the Nespresso sight – Amazon – or the store in Dallas!

Ours is linked here if you’re interested!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have questions for next week – ask away! xo


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