How to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Bring on the Christmas spirit! 2020 needs a little bit of magic honestly. Home for the Holidays has a different meaning this year, so making Hot Chocolate bombs just adds some fun.


items needed:

chocolate (will be melted)

molds (these can be found almost anywhere but linked them here!)

hot chocolate packet


toppings (such as crushed peppermint, crushed Heath bars, etc)

mug + milk or water!


Step 1.

Melt chocolate into containers. We did a mixture of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. We started with 30 seconds in the microwave and then stirred to make sure we did not burn the chocolate – then repeat until fully melted.

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Step 2.

Pour the melted chocolate into the mold and make sure the chocolate is distributed up the sides as well. The mold should be hollow! Do not fill to the top as you want to be able to put marshmallows etc inside. After the chocolate is set – put in the fridge to harden.

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Step 3.

Once the chocolate mold is hard you can take it out and set them aside on a plate. Depending on how many Hot Chocolate bombs you want to make, you’ll either repeat the process or only have a few from the original mold. This is because you need a top and bottom.

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Step 4.

Take one of the halves and fill with hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, or any candy items you’d like in the center.

Step 5.

In order to get the two sides to stick together, put a pan over low heat and melt the edges of the chocolate mold that does not have fillings. Keep the chocolate on the heat just long enough to make it stick to the other.

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Step 6.

Heat up white chocolate or any chocolate to drizzle over the made chocolate balls. TIP: make sure the chocolate that is going to be drizzled is cooled down so it does not melt the ”bomb” when you put it on.

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Step 7.

Sprinkle any type of candy, crushed peppermint, etc. on top that you don’t mind being in your hot chocolate!

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Step 8.

Place the chocolate bomb into the mug & pour either hot water or hot milk into the mug overtop. Ta-da! Fun Hot chocolate!


This is just a fun way to make hot chocolate during the holidays. These are becoming a tradition to make and are becoming very popular! There are so many fun shapes but make sure to have the right size mug!

Happy Holidays!


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