Things to Do at Disney With a Child Under Three Years Old

Children under three years old are free to get into Disney, yet many wonder why they should even take their little one.

We took our son for his first birthday and found so many things that he enjoyed. Here’s our top 10 that we did with our one year old to help you make the choice on if it’s worth it!

Magic Kingdom

1. Dumbo


Dumbo is a simple up in the air ride where kids can soar through the air. Calihan sat right on my lap and once he knew he could move Dumbo up and down, he was highly enjoying himself.

2. Snacks in front of the castle


Disney popcorn was a favorite for our little man, and he had no issue listening to music off of Main Street while taking in the views of the castle. There were cavalcades that made their appearance as well, so plenty to see and lots of running space.

3. Winnie the Pooh ride


Do not let this face fool you, he loved this ride. Dark rides are big at Disney in order to really tell the stories, so this was a good mixture of both. The ride tells a story of Winnie the Pooh and so the music is great for little kids.

4. Its a small world


A classic ride that many adults cringe to go on was another favorite of Calihan’s. He enjoyed the “it’s a small world” tune and even sang along! The boat ride was slow enough for him to observe everything.

5. Character parades & meet and greets


Parades and Character meet and greets can be a hit or miss depending on your child’s stranger danger. I was horrible as a child with this apparently, but there’s usually music involved and seeing your child light up mesmerized by the characters is the cutest thing!

Animal Kingdom

6. Kilimanjaro Safari


This attraction is a safari where you can see giraffes, zebras, lions, and more! Calihan was so excited that he was having full conversations with the animals as we stopped to see them. We had a newborn behind us that was asleep from the movement of the vehicle, so perfect for nap time.


7. Finding Nemo – The Seas


This finding Nemo attraction is not only cute for little kids, but the line is usually not extremely long. This attraction involves sitting in a seashell and followIng Nemo on his journey. There’s catchy tunes and an aquarium attached when the ride is finished. Our one year old loved watching the dolphins after!


8. Dancing around the world


Majority of our time in Epcot was spent at the Taste of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Calihan loved listening to the music, dancing, and running around. He is walking so this was an advantage for this area. This should not stop you though considering we saw quite a few infants younger than Cal and they were enjoying themselves just as much.

Hollywood Studios

9. Toy Story Land


Look at that face! Toy Story land is filled with fun for all ages. Children under two can still ride Toy Story Mania and see dinosaurs, crayons, penguins, and more. We could have spent most of the day in this area of Hollywood Studios. The Alien Swirling Saucers were only 31” to ride so your child could also ride that attraction depending on height!

10. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway


A brand new ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was a favorite for all of us! I would be cautious about the twists and turns, but Calihan didn’t seem to mind! This is a great way for your little one to also see the fab five! Mickey and Minnie were a hit, and goofy drives the train on the attraction.


• There are Disney baby centers located in every park. These include changing stations, feeding areas, etc. These are AMAZING. The best part was that it is for moms and dads, so Lyall and I went in together when Calihan needed to get changed after his birthday cupcake. These were very convenient if your child is overwhelmed also as there is a quiet room.

• There is a brilliant perk that Disney has called rider swap. If you and your significant other are both wanting to ride an attraction that your little one does not hit the height requirement for, you can take turns riding without having to wait in line twice. All you have to do is let the cast member know and they will direct you on how to do this at each attraction.

The best thing to do when bringing a little one is to not have high expectations. As we know as parents, our days are constantly changing. Disney is no exception. Even though our son might not remember this trip, we will remember it always! We will remember his laughs on rides, dance moves, and looks of amazement.


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