Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is an attraction at Hollywood Studio’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There’s many moving parts to this attraction involving enclosed spaces, interrogations, and a drop.


How do you get in line for Rise of the Resistance?

Rise of the Resistance is a virtual queue. There are many factors that get you into that queue.

The first being that you need to make sure you and your entire party that want to ride are in the park. Joining the virtual queue will not work unless you are inside the park.


The second is timing.

The photo above shows the attraction listed on the My Disney Experience app. As stated, the two times you can request to join are 10am and 2pm.

At 10am or 2pm (reminder you have to be IN the park) you want to hit that join button as quickly as possible. The party you entered with will appear and you accept it again. This means not everyone has to do this as your entire party should appear as long as you are linked on the app. The quicker you get this done, the better the chance you have!

This attraction’s virtual queue books in SECONDS. When I say seconds, I mean the record for the day we were there was 43 seconds.

tip: I made sure I was stationary and ready to go a few minutes before. I kept refreshing the app, and the moment it hit 10am I hit the join button.

The couple behind us ended up being 20+ boarding groups behind us and he hit the button the same time I did.

If you get a boarding pass, CONGRATS!

This is what the next page will look like:


We were able to join. Now what?

Now you wait until they list your boarding group. We were boarding group 27. This meant we had 130 minutes roughly until our group was boarding. As stated, there is limited capacity. There’s no guarantee that even if you have a boarding group that you will be able to ride.

The positivity is if you are in the lower numbers, your chances are pretty good.

tip: make sure to be around the area once your boarding group is close. I’ve heard of individuals that were at dining reservations and if you can’t get there, they won’t let you ride.

There’s one hour allocated for your boarding group. That means if you are supposed to board at 1pm, you have until 2pm to check into the queue.


Is there a line once my boarding group is listed?

There is a small queue once your boarding group is ready. Small as in 5-10 minutes. This is a very sought after attraction, so they also scan your magic bands twice before actually going on.
The queue is interactive like most Disney attractions and so you will be too excited to even notice.

Is this attraction worth it?

Rise of the Resistance is hands down the best attraction my husband and I have ever been on at Disney (we have been on them all). There are multiple parts to this.

Consistently moving, there’s over five separate rooms that each tell a story.

You start by getting flight orders, boarding, and then you are captured by the First Order. Finished by a moving trackless dark ride.

I mean who wouldn’t want to be greeted by the first order as shown below and then saved by the resistance?! 100% worth the stress getting a boarding pass.


Tip: do not laugh when being interrogated. They will interrogate you harder.



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