Taste of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival – Updated food & drinks for 2021

The 2021 Epcot Food and Wine festival is going on from July 15-November 20th! The 25th anniversary of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is happening now (2020) through the end of fall. Over 20 signature marketplaces are spread throughout the World Showcase bringing you a variety of food and drinks!


Explore food and drinks from 6 continents while staying in one Disney park.

We started our journey around the world showcase by purchasing gift cards for each of us to easily put on our wrist. We do this every time we go in order to limit the amount of money we spend since it can add up quickly!

Gift cards can be purchased at any retail location from what we noticed!
We ended up putting $75 on each of ours and we were not even close to trying everything!

We noticed the amount of marketplaces was less than previous years, and I was a little bummed with not seeing Australia, Ireland, and Belgium! All three were part of my favorites.

Listed below are the booths & menus, as well as certain food items we purchased:



We went to Mexico first being that it’s one of our favorites!

I ordered the Mango Smoky Margarita and the Pork Tostada (Pictured below). I really enjoyed both of these! The Mango Smoky Margarita had a nice chili-lime rim and the tostada was delicious! I wanted to go back for seconds but knew I needed to try other Items. The tostada did feel like a decent size but when Lyall ordered the Ribeye Taco, it was a little less filling.

Updated Menu:

  • Chilaquiles con Chorizo: Crispy Corn Tortillas tossed in Salsa Verde and Monterey Jack Cheese topped with Crema Mexicana, Queso Cotija, Pickled Onions, and Ground Chorizo (new) – $7.00, DDP Snack Eligible
  • Taco de Ribeye: Shaved Ribeye, Red Onions, and Poblano Peppers on a Corn Tortilla with Ranchera Salsa, Cotija Cheese, and Chives (new) – $7.00, DDP Snack Eligible
  • Capirotada de Chocolate: Abuelita Chocolate Bread Pudding served with a Chocolate Crème Anglaise – $5.50, DDP Snack Eligible

    Drinks: White Passion fruit sangria instead of the Passion Rose and El Tigre Margarita instead of the Mango Smoky Margarita (which is a bummer because this was my favorite!)



The line for China was incredibly long! We ended up not trying anything but the dumplings looked amazing from what we saw from others. Apparently this is a popular booth!

The menu is very similar to what was there before food wise. Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings, and ZiRan Beef Bao Bun instead.

Drinks include Mango Bubble Milk Tea: Assam Black tea, whole milk, and mango syrup – $7.25, DDP Snack Eligible Byejoe punch is back! Drangonfly and Kung Fu Master are newly added. Dragonfly is Tequila, Absolut Vodka, Orange Juice and Mango Syrup ($13.95). Kung Fu Master is Absolut Vodka, Triple sec, Mango Syrup, and Orange Juice ($13.50).

The Alps


The Alps was tucked in to the left side when coming from China and heading to Africa. We ended up bypassing it since we wanted to try food from Africa next, but I heard from a friend that next time we need to try the blueberry and almond frangipane tart! Keep that in mind if you go as well!



Lyall‘s favorite of course! He ended up getting the Piri Piri Skewered Shrimp and the Tusker Lager! Then I ordered the Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz from the Western Cape for me! When going up to the marketplace window after ordering, they ask if you’d like a red or white. I chose white and it was a great choice! Very sweet just the way I like it!




The only thing purchased from Germany was my dad ended up trying the beers! Always a must in Germany. The food item I’ve heard a lot about is the Roast Bratwurst!



I’m not going to lie, I was not very impressed with Spain’s options! The charcuterie sounds wonderful since that’s all I usually eat and make, but from what we saw from others, it was not worth the price. This is a normal option from what I remember, but it looked differently from what we saw previous years.



If I could have just stayed in Italy for drinks I would have! We planned on making this our last stop so we made our way around then went back.
I had the La Classica which was a very tasty tortellini! I’m not a fan of pizza, so Lyall’s Margherita pizza wasn’t appetizing to me, but he said it was very good! It came with two pieces so the price was very good for what you get.
My mom ordered the white sangria and I had the frozen Italian margarita. Both of these were decent sizes as well! Overall, Italy seemed to give the most for the price.


Hops & Barley


The American pavilion hosts the Hops & Barley Marketplace. We joke that there should also be a sign that says ”Nancy is going to fund this booth” because my mom loves food and wine specifically for this New England Lobster Roll. She enjoys this so much that she purchased two and ate them both before I could even get a photo. They looked delicious with butter on the side & a decent amount of food! To be fair, it is what she waits for every year.



We skipped over Japan, but The Chirashi Sushi Flowerpot seemed to be a hit! The flowerpot that it came in was super cute. The drink everyone seemed to enjoy was the Furano Martini that was a pretty pink ish color.



Morocco was a favorite. We ordered the Beef Kefta Pocket and the Spicy Hummus Fries. Both of these items were on the spicy side, which was great for my dad and I. We also ordered the Mediterranean Beer and the Red Organic Sangria. The Sangria wasn’t my favorite but the food made up for it.




Brazil had limited choices as well! I most likely would have had the Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Tomatoes, and Onions if we were to try something from here. In between Morocco and France does not help boost this marketplace as many guests go to those two. I will make sure to plan this one in next time!



The France Marketplace was also quite busy. We ended up skipping this as well, with hopes we would get back to it later but we ended up being so full from other places. Everything that we saw looked delicious and unique!

World Showplace Pavilion

This was a unique experience because this indoor building had a few different booths, as well as multiple tables, a gift shop, and a pianist.
The best part was the lady playing the piano is Ms. Carol Stein! If you have ever been to the Grand Floridian or The UK Rose and Crown, you have most likely came across her. She has been a cast member for Disney for over 30 years. Calihan was clapping for her so she talked to us a little bit after she played and she was the sweetest! This is a great environment to relax while beIng able to sit and enjoy the items available.

Marketplaces in the World Showplace Pavilion:

Festival Favorites


Desserts and Champagne


Appleseed Orchard


Macaroni and Cheese


The gourmet Mac & Cheese and the Lobster Mac & Cheese were delicious! The lobster cream really made the meal.

We tried the Guinness Baileys Milkshake from the Festival Favorites – incredibly good! I’m not a chocolate or Baileys fan but the milkshake was delicious! The alcohol was perfectly mixed in as well.

We also tried the Liquid Nitro Chocolate Cake Pop with M&Ms, the Imperial Brut Champagne, and the Frozen S’mores from Champagne and Desserts.

Calihan loved the chocolate cake pop! The Frozen S’mores had all of the alcohol sitting at the top so I did a quick mix and it tasted better.


We loved the atmosphere in the World Showplace Pavilion! The only downfall is majority of the marketplaces are outside.




Canada was popular for their Beef Filet Mignon and their Apricot with Maple Syrup Beer from 81 Brewing Co!

The Citrus Blossom


The Citrus Blossom had the Orange Bird Sipper Cup that an Orange Cream Shake came in! Super popular. The lobster Tail looked on the smaller side but tasty.



Lyall tried the Teriyaki-glazed SPAM Hash and said he was skeptical at first but he ended up really enjoying it. We saw quite a few people order the Aulani Sunrise that seemed to come in a really fun glass as well! Hawaii is located on the way to the World Showcase from Figment and The Land.

Shimmering Sips


The Tropical Mimosa seemed to be the most popular when we walked by this marketplace. We didn’t see anything that was too out of the ordinary that was a must try.

Islands of the Caribbean


I’m so sad we missed this marketplace! I didn’t come across it until the very end because we started at Mexico and worked our way around. By that time, everyone wanted to just end with Italy. The Jerk Spiced Chicken looked amazing! The Chutney is what sold me. I’ll be back to this one!

Flavors from Fire


This was THE most popular marketplace! Apparently this just opened up recently and everyone was lining up. We heard every item is a hit and I did see that there was a Bell’s Seasonal Beer listed on there! Love seeing Michigan beers. This marketplace and the Donut Box are both tucked away closer to Test Track which can be easily missed.

The Donut Box


Another tucked away marketplace but next to Flavors from Fire, the Donut Box held all of the delicious donuts and a black and white coffee cocktail! Make sure to be on the look out for this one!

Earth Eats


I wanted to make sure I tried a food item for anyone who does not eat meat as well! I ended up trying the Impossible Burger Slider and I will say I was impressed. I can tell the difference of course, but I enjoy Impossible burgers. My personal opinion is that it was a little bland without the toppings in every bite. I’d give it an 8/10! The Violet Lemonade Ale was a little too much, but I still enjoyed that as well.



The hardest part about the Taste of Epcots International Food and Wine Festival was the masks. Normally, you can easily sip and taste around the world while walking. Times are different and for everyone’s safety, masks are now required at all times unless you are stationary to eat. This means once you grab food or a drink, you will have to sit or stand somewhere to finish it instead of walking to the next marketplace. This took up more time and in return gave less time to try everything. I personally am 100% into the masks so it didn’t bother me one bit, but it might for someone. Safety is key so these perks can be enjoyed.


The positives are that the marketplaces are still holding their delicious and unique aspects. The entertainment that can happen from a distance are the best of the best as well! The experience is included in the park ticket. Purchasing an extra ticket is not needed. The pricing of the items is all you will pay for.

The festival has changed a little bit this year, but the fun continues!


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