Top 10 Places to Explore in DFW – safely

If you’re like my family, you have been a little more on the cautious side when exploring places now a days. There’s many obstacles such as crowds, protocols, etc. that stopped us from going places since we are in a pandemic! This is still extremely strange to say.

My husband and I are incredibly adventurous and are on the go 24/7 normally. We even took our son to the beach (October in Michigan, so the weather was cooler) at 8 days old! During this pandemic we have taken every precaution while also getting ourselves outside exploring our new home (safely).

We decided to put this list together for anyone exploring DFW locally or traveling to the area in the future! The businesses we chose are based on safety and a unique experience!

  1. Muy Frio Margaritas – Fort Worth


My absolute dream. A margarita shop/bar in Fort Worth. This Grab & Go (due to current circumstances) is a fun way to spend a night at home with some tasty margaritas! There are 9 flavors with a “seasonal” flavor included. They also have non-alcoholic!

Mix & Match or keep it to one flavor. These margaritas come in four different sizes starting at 8oz up to a 1/2 gallon! There’s also daily specials and the pricing is not bad at all! We grabbed a six pack of smalls for $38 and as you can see they are quite big (16oz) so you are getting your moneys worth!


We felt safe the moment we walked in as masks are required, hand sanitizer is present, and there is plexiglass to protect the employee and yourself. The inside is closed off at the moment for safety and everything is to go, but eventually when the inside opens up you can sip & stay awhile.

Highly recommend and the staff is phenomonal!

2. Fort Worth Stockyards


Can you get more Texas than watching a cattle drive?! The Fort Worth Stockyards is where Western heritage is brought out in every detail. The Fort Worth herd is the world’s only twice daily cattle drive. This happens at 11:30am and 4pm, and you can also view the cattle before or after in their pens behind the Livestock Exchange Building. There are restaurants (lots of steak for my meat lovers!!) that also hold the theme of the west throughout the stockyards as well. Shops include places where you can find your Western gear such as hats and boots. Plenty to see and Plenty to do! Yee-haw!


The Fort Worth Stockyards are keeping their guests safe by requiring masks in shops and restaurants, as well as sanitizer! Majority of the viewing areas were outside for us and we remained more than 15+ feet away from anyone at all times outside. The two photos above without a mask, there was no one even close to our proximity other than the guys on the horses which seem closer than they appear. The stockyards also have a safety rule at all times that guests must remain on the sidewalks, and guests are not allowed to get down to the cattle’s level since they are real. They will wander your way if you make the wrong move. That alone keeps your distance.

3. Dallas Farmers Market


Living in Michigan my whole life, I never thought I’d see a full on farmers market in the middle of a big city. The building that offers restaurants, merchandise areas, and more is located inside a building called The Market. This building is open every day from 10am-7pm and serves food such as, Caribbean food at The Caribbean Cabana, Macarons at Chelles Macarons, and an on-site meat and seafood shop. Plenty of options when you feel safe to go into indoor businesses! The area we explored the most was The Shed. This area has local vendors selling goodies such as jam, produce, and pumpkins! ’tis the season! The Shed is operating on the weekends from 9am-5pm on Saturdays and 10am-5pm on Sundays. Calihan was not impressed with my white pumpkin choice as you can see.


Out in The Shed we felt extremely safe. Masks were required and this is an open-air setting. The Dallas Farmers Market also issued a statement on how to stay safe during the weekends (linked below). The area was not super busy for us and we arrived at roughly 10:30am. We also kept Calihan in his stroller other than for the picking out the pumpkin part to ensure he did not get in anyone’s space since he tends to run. The Market was a little busier but everyone abided by the mask rules. I personally like to stay outdoors, but the crowds were not overwhelming if you did enter!

4. Fort Worth Zoo


If you plan on going to the zoo, then visit the #1 zoo in the nation! The Fort Worth Zoo is open from 10am-4pm daily and costs $16 for an adult, children (3-12) and Seniors (65+) are each $12, and anyone under 2 is free. Currently the zoo houses over 540 species! If you do go, make sure to get there before November when the big cats temporarily leave the zoo! The zoo is a fun outdoor space for kids or adults to get out of the house and have plenty of room to keep distanced.


Reservations are required to enter to limit the amount of people. The viewing areas that are separated by glass have do not touch signs on them in order to keep you safe from touching areas others have touched. Masks are required for anyone ages 10+ and social distancing is enforced. We felt very safe even while feeding the giraffes as everyone has their own marker to stand on.

5. Stone Creek Park – Flower Mound


This is a random find that I felt like we needed to include incase you lived in the area! Stone Creek Park has been our favorite place to go since we moved to Texas! This has been our escape place before, and during quarantine. Located in a strange spot next to a neighborhood in Flower Mound, this creek has a great biking trail, and plenty of splash fun in nature. There’s also a park for kids to enjoy (We have not used the park amenities for safety reasons just the creek and trail)


We are usually the only ones at the Creek, with a small possibility of a few others! Plenty of people use the trail, but it’s spaced out so you only see someone occasionally.

6. Woodshed Smokehouse – Fort Worth


Our go-to restaurant has been Woodshed Smokehouse. The food is delicious with appetizers such as smoked bock beer cheese fondue. Highly recommend the tacos (I normally do the ranchero style smoked game hen) and the jalapeno margarita. *insert drool emoji* We have always enjoyed the food and atmosphere as the restaurant is right on the river and seating is mostly outdoors.


The reason we are big fans of the Woodshed is they take extra precautions when protecting their staff, customers, and business. They take your temperature the moment you walk up, have you sign your name and provide your email with your temperature listed, and all menus are mobile. Masks are required until you are sitting at your table and the tables are spaced appropriately. If we are ever wanting to get out this is the place we feel safe.

7. Top Golf


My first experience at top-golf was during the pandemic. I had a good friend that explained their experience and we decided to try and keep ourselves sane. Top-golf if you have never played before, this is a place with climate controlled bays, TVs, and have the driving range experience just add games, music, drinks, and food.


Masks are required at all times when you are not in your bay. The bay is deep cleaned before you arrive and we even re-wiped everything as well to ensure safety. There is a divider between every bay so even Calihan couldn’t get to his wanna-be girlfriend that was in the bay next to us. This is another non-crowded outside experience.

8. Picolé Pops – Dallas


Picolé Pops was so fun to experience! There’s different flavors of popsicles + toppings to choose from! This is located in the Deep Ellum which is a neat spot to tour around. The pricing ranges from $3.59+ depending on the flavor and if it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic. I purchased the mango margarita (sensing a theme on the margaritas) with sprinkles. Calihan tried his uncle’s which was a berry popsicle.


Masks are required and everything was very clean! As you can see, I’m wearing a mask as Calihan is eating, and I did take mine off to eat my pop when no one was in the store (other than the worker who was 10+ ft away) Masks can be taken off to enjoy your popsicle, I would just make sure you aren’t close to anyone of course.

9. Steel City Pops – Fort Worth


We tried popsicles in Dallas and Fort Worth, and I can say they equally were great! Steel City Pops had similar flavors but I did not see as many toppings or alcoholic flavors (which for us, was totally fine). The strawberry mango pineapple was our favorite!


Masks are required and there is also limited seating normally inside, this was blocked off due to the circumstances.

10. Trinity Groves – Dallas


Trinity Groves has a unique variety of shops and restaurants that have indoor and outdoor seating! My favorite restaurant there is Avo Eatery that has avocado with everything! (I’m clearly an avo girl) but there’s other types of restaurants that have food such as a BBQ, Seafood, and Italian! For hours, I would click on the restaurant you are interested in on the link below since they differ. There’s also a bridge called Margaret Hunt Hill bridge that you can have a beautiful view of downtown Dallas!


We sat outside but masks are required until seated. The tables were spaced cautiously, and the bridge is a great way to explore without being in crowds. The tables were incredibly cleaned as well in between customers.

*Disclaimer – These are personal opinions on where WE felt safe. I also am not condoning any gatherings outside of your family or individuals you are quarantining with. 🙂


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